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As an advocate for stress management, I support having a reasonable amount of fun in your life. These websites offer free computer activities. I have enjoyed them, and hope that you will as well.

123TeachMe (Spanish lessons)
Offers online Spanish tutors (native speakers), free online Spanish courses, information on Spanish language schools, and daily resources for learning Spanish. Specialized terminology, conversational exercises, and games.

JigZone (jigsaw puzzles)
Select from an assortment of puzzles that vary by theme and piece count. Solve alone or with others. An online entertainment activity that stimulates the mind. No table needed.

Snood (video game)
Take a break and be a kid again with this popular puzzle game. One of my students introduced me to Snood, and I am hooked. Video games remind me of my Atari days with Pac-man in the 1980ís.

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