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Get Organized

The Morning Call (Allentown, PA), February 28, 2006

Chaos is stressful.  Appointments are forgotten.  Items are lost.  Clutter is overwhelming.  This is not the everyday life of a calm person.
Organization results in increased efficiency and productivity, more time, and less stress.  Things get done and life becomes more manageable.
Forethought and preparation are necessary to become more organized.  Since organization requires an active and structured approach, you must work at it on a regular basis.  This involves creating “to do” lists, using a schedule or calendar, filing papers and objects by category, and prioritizing and clustering tasks.  Initially this may not seem worth the effort, but once you try it for a while you will notice the benefits of planning.  There will be fewer missed opportunities and a greater sense of accomplishment.
Some caveats:  Don’t try to do everything – it’s impossible.  Don’t strive for perfection – it’s unrealistic.  Don’t hold onto every object – it’s impractical.

Useful resources:

Conquering the Paper Pile-up by Stephanie Culp (1990).  Cincinnati, OH:  Writer’s Digest Books.
Organize Your Office! (Revised Edition) by Ronni Eisenberg with Kate Kelly (1998).  New York:  Hyperion.

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