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Manage Your Anger

The Morning Call (Allentown, PA), June 26, 2007

Arghh!!!  Even though we all get angry from time to time, this emotion tends to be difficult for many people.  Oftentimes, we attempt to ignore or suppress it, or have problems controlling and expressing it constructively.
If anger is not properly handled, your stress level is likely to increase and your relationships are likely to be negatively affected. 
Being able to identify your angry feelings in the early stages will help you calm down because you will be able to take appropriate actions sooner.  For example, you may choose to use breathing techniques or other relaxation procedures.  Or, you may choose to walk away from the situation.  Or, you may choose to release your feelings by writing about them or by exercising.  There are many options.
Once your anger is at a manageable level, you will need to properly address the situation.  This may mean speaking with the person who made you angry, taking some other action, or maybe doing nothing at all.

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