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Articles published in The Morning Call (Allentown, PA – circulation over 266,000). These “Stressbusters” contain practical stress management tips and resources. Relax…

Take Time For "Me Time"
"Me time" is important for good health. You deserve it (no need to feel guilty). Your body and mind want it. When things pile up and you feel your stress level rising, take a mini health break throughout the day to become centered and relaxed. Stop rushing. Stop multitasking. Stop... [Read More]
Be Creative
Creativity allows for fun and stimulating ways to de-stress.  So go ahead and express yourself through art, music, theater, dance, writing, or some other creative outlet such as a hobby.  The goal is expression.  No talent required. No desire for expression?  Then perhaps you... [Read More]
Practice Assertiveness
Communicating effectively will strengthen your relationships and reduce your stress.  Improve your communication skills through education and practice.    Three general styles of communication are passive, assertive, and aggressive.   People who behave in a passive manner do... [Read More]
Start Search For Inner Peace
Imagine how much calmer you would be if you embraced peace.  Although war and unrest exist in the world, we can each choose to personally create a sense of peace within our daily lives.  This can take a variety of forms.  Yoga, meditation, reflection, and prayer are a few... [Read More]
Get Organized
Chaos is stressful.  Appointments are forgotten.  Items are lost.  Clutter is overwhelming.  This is not the everyday life of a calm person.   Organization results in increased efficiency and productivity, more time, and less stress.  Things get done and life becomes... [Read More]
Mental Health Issues
Are emotional difficulties preventing you from living life to its fullest?  If so, help is available.  Your mental health is an important aspect of your overall well-being.   Mood disorders (e.g., depression) and anxiety disorders are two commonly diagnosed types of mental... [Read More]
Smile, It's Springtime!
Spring is here and this is a reason for us to be joyful.  During this season of growth we are blessed with warmer weather, longer days, chirping birds, and blossoming flowers.     Gardening is a seasonal activity enjoyed by many, and it has benefits on a smaller scale as... [Read More]
Embrace Change
Life is full of changes – new people, new settings, new circumstances.  Change is inevitable, so rather than trying to prevent it, learn to accept it and adapt.  Change can be stressful, but if you keep a positive attitude and go with the flow, things will usually go more... [Read More]
Focus On Solutions
Got a problem?  We all do.   Progress will come faster and with less angst by seeking realistic solutions rather than dwelling on the discomfort of the problem.   Change your mindset and your behaviors to produce a more favorable outcome.      Try to come... [Read More]
Simplify Your Life
Madonna is right when she says that we are living in a material world.    Keeping up with the Joneses (or worse, the Rockefellers) is stressful.  Possessions require money, time, and space.  And, these trinkets will not produce long-term happiness and fulfillment.  Do you... [Read More]
Sleep Well
Sleep – quality and quantity – is an important aspect of your health.  Sleep amounts and patterns vary from person to person.  Some people are early birds and others are night owls.  Try to work with your body’s natural rhythms as much as possible.   Too... [Read More]
Be Thankful
“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom” ~ Marcel Proust   As Thanksgiving approaches we are reminded of how blessed we are in our lives.  Our families and friends, our health, and our lifestyles... [Read More]
Do An End-Of-Year Review
Whew!  You made it through another year.  It’s time to look back and analyze the results.  What was accomplished, and what wasn’t?   Taking stock of our lives is an ongoing process.  An annual review helps to keep us on track.  December is a good time for... [Read More]
It's Your Choice
Do you see the roses, or the thorns?  Is the glass half-empty or half-full?  There are many ways to view the world and our perceptions play a role in how we feel and how we respond.  For better or for worse, we co-create our own realities.   A positive attitude and a healthy... [Read More]
Practice Self-Care
"To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we  shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."          ~ Buddha   What happens to a car that does not receive regular maintenance care?  It breaks... [Read More]
Try Journaling
Writing can be therapeutic – mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Recording your words on paper or computer screen can help you work through issues.   Journaling allows you to process your thoughts and feelings.  It can help you gain insight, find solutions, and relieve... [Read More]
How To Be Mindful
Mindfulness is a healthy state of awareness in which the focus is on the present.  Being in the moment, mentally and physically, is the goal.  This facilitates a sense of appreciation and a state of relaxation.   Yoga and meditation encourage mindfulness.  With yoga, the body... [Read More]
Manage Your Anger
Arghh!!!  Even though we all get angry from time to time, this emotion tends to be difficult for many people.  Oftentimes, we attempt to ignore or suppress it, or have problems controlling and expressing it constructively.   If anger is not properly handled, your stress level is... [Read More]
Help Is A Click Away
Two excellent resources for reliable mental health information are the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA).  I have been a member of these professional organizations for several years.    APA, with 148,000 members, is the... [Read More]
Minimize Job Stress
Do you dread going to work each day?  Does “Dilbert” reflect your work life?  Is work a constant source of stress?    The key to job happiness is choosing work you have a passion for, are skilled at, and can perform in a supportive environment.  You must... [Read More]
Consider Hypnosis
The Mayo Clinic Guide to Alternative Medicine 2007 lists hypnosis as one of the top 10 alternative therapies.   Hypnosis is a technique that is based on the mind-body connection and uses the power of suggestion and trance states to bring about change.  It has been used successfully for... [Read More]
De-Stress For The Holidays
“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”         ~ Lily Tomlin   Holiday season is upon us once again.  Planning ahead is one of the best ways to reduce your stress during this very busy time.   Do this by: ... [Read More]
A Time For Reflection
This is the time of year traditionally used for focusing on reflections and aspirations.  We look back and summarize.  We also look ahead and set new goals.   I just finished reading Eat, Pray, Love (Penguin Books, 2006), the popular memoir that has spent several months on The New... [Read More]
Say Yes To Exercise
Many individuals resolve to exercise more in the new year.  This is good, because exercise, along with proper nutrition and sleep, is an essential component of positive health.     There are several physical and mental benefits of exercise.  Seven benefits listed at... [Read More]
Create Ambience
Our environment can greatly influence our mental and physical states.  Color, sound, and fragrance can be used to effectively bring about a feeling of calm.  Building design can have similar positive effects.   Certain hues such as blues, greens, and pastels have a de-stressing... [Read More]
Soothe Tax-Time Blues
It’s tax season and the economy is a mess, so it makes sense that money is on the minds of most people.    There never seems to be enough of it, and we have trouble handling what little we have.   Here are some coping tips for dealing with today’s unstable... [Read More]
Anxiety Disorders
Do you often feel nervous, tense, fidgety, worried, panicky, or afraid?  These are some symptoms of anxiety disorders, the most common group of mental illness in America.  Anxiety disorders affect about 40 million American adults each year, according to the National Institute of Mental... [Read More]
Say Positive Affirmations
“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”      ~ Stuart Smalley (“Saturday Night Live”)   Words are powerful, and with repetition, they can be internalized.  You will start to believe the things you... [Read More]

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